Innovation or disruption, Babelverse is at the forefront of the tech-driven changes shaking up the $34 billion language-services market. Made up of multinational software companies that facilitate everything from machine translation to in-person interpreting, the industry is finally having its start-up moment.



Getting investment in an industry-disrupting company creates a lot of praise and buzz in the press. But true disruption is much more complicated.

What makes a new kid on the remote interpreting block stand out from the pack? According to Josef Dunne and Mayel de Borniol, the founders of Babelverse, a recognition of the need to bring technology to niche markets sets them apart from other interpreting companies.

While it’s still a very new and largely untested business, we see two important advantages for Babelverse in the marketplace. First, this is an industry that desperately needs more innovation to help humans respond to the ever-growing demand for their services. Babelverse is a young and tech-savvy company, whose founders have an engineering background. These characteristics set them apart from most of the leading interpreting companies in today’s marketplace.

Second, Babelverse has a clear marketing talent – a knack for spotting opportunities that most language service and technology companies overlook.

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